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Published on May 2nd, 2014 | by Day Trader

Bookkeeping and Tax Services for Your Needs

Bookkeeping services

If you are looking for help with a variety of accounting functions, including bookkeeping and tax services, it is time to talk to a CPA accounting firm. There are a variety of complicated laws for small businesses, particularly if you want to expand overseas. Look into your options and grow your business quicker.

If you are looking to establish or grow your small business in China, find the right CPA who can help you navigate the tricky international business laws. In China, approved charitable donations are tax deductible for up to 35% of assessable profits. The best accounting firms will help offer consultations on local practices and corporate audit services. Accounting firms can help clients register trademarks and patents. Make sure to work with a company that can handle business tax services.

Business advisory services can be perfect for companies that work nationally and internationally. Business advisers help companies obtain different points of view on business decisions, accurately delegate work, and also provide them with valuable financial advice. Business advisers help individuals and businesses develop detailed plans to meet set financial goals.

China can be perfect if you are looking to grow your small business. There are several laws and practices benefiting small business owners. Qualified small and thin profit corporations are eligible for a CIT rate of 15% if they meet all the criteria in China. In December 2010, the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong reached an agreement that mainland companies listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKSE) could prepare their financial statements in accordance with China’s accounting standards and engage a CPA firm on the mainland to perform auditing services.

If you are looking for help with bookkeeping and tax services, talk with an accounting firm with a reputation for success. The right accounting firm will help you answer difficult accounting questions. Check our your options and get back to running your business.

bookkeeping and tax services

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