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The Difference Between Server Latency and Bandwidth

If you use any cloud-based servers or web hosting companies, you might want to learn about the difference between server latency and bandwidth. Keep reading to do just that!

Latency will cause a poor user experience on your website. It will also cause your pages to refresh slowly and make your computer laggy.

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This affects business productivity and your employee’s ability to work! This does differ from bandwidth, though you may think they are the same thing. Bandwidth is the capacity within different servers, and latency is the result of that.

The more different websites that are hosted on one server, the more latency you will have. This is because vastly different data is stored on these drives. This is why people sometimes tend to choose private servers. With a private server, you will have control over what information is stored. It is also more secure for your information.

To learn more detailed information about latency and bandwidth, watch the video linked in this article. It gives great insight into the process of web hosting and what it means. Then, call a company that works with cloud-based servers to ask how you can benefit from their services.

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