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Published on October 23rd, 2014 | by Day Trader

Three Reasons Why Mobile POS Is the Secret to Small Business Success

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Let’s face it: it doesn’t really matter how long a local business has been around, or where it’s located, or what products/services it provides — competing against national chain stores is getting harder and harder every year. It’s pretty frustrating, especially when so many people claim that they prefer to support local businesses, but still choose to go to those bigger stores on a regular basis.

But there’s one new technology that’s becoming pretty big, and a lot of small business owners have already invested in it: mobile POS systems. These systems are often designed with small businesses in mind, and many manufacturers even make industry-specific systems (which makes sense — a retail clothing store probably wouldn’t benefit much from the functions that a retail pharmacy pos system would include, and vice versa). Nevertheless, there are a few reasons why mobile POS systems are beneficial to small businesses across the board:

They’re convenient. Mobile point of sale systems are processed with handheld devices that can be carried anywhere in store, allowing employees to help customers in the aisles and then immediately make transactions. These devices save time for both employees and customers, and they allow for more face-to-face interactions.

They save space. Small businesses often have to play real-life Tetris when it comes to fitting in as many items as possible on the shelves, and the downside here is that the store can easily look cluttered and messy (which customers don’t really like). Removing a bulky cash register from a countertop may not do much for a large business, but small business owners know how valuable this bit of space can be.

They can handle all the complicated tasks that a traditional POS system can handle. Electronic card swiping, signature capturing, and encrypted data processing? Yep. Making transactions with credit cards, cash, or checks? All three can be done. Scanning product barcodes, processing coupons/customer loyalty cards, and tracking long-term sales trends? Pretty much anything that a conventional POS system can process and save, a mobile system can handle just as well.

When business owners don’t have to worry about the nuts and bolts of their POS system, they’re able to devote more time to their actual business. And a successful small business means a successful community — it’s really that simple. More on this.

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