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Published on December 28th, 2015 | by Day Trader

3 Best Things About Electric Cash Counters

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Any business owner, on his way to the top, would be thrilled to have sizeable cash transactions taking place several times a day. However, the saying, “More money, more problems” goes without explaining, that handling retail cash and coins can be tricky and opens up a lot of room for error and checks and balances that just don’t add up, regardless of employees’ intent.

Cashiers and accounting staff will oftentimes find, at the end of a business day, that much of the cash and coin that came in and need to be accounted for are in smaller denominations, ultimately making them difficult and time-consuming to count, often requiring a couple of recounts. Just imagine the number of dollar bills that can end up just in one till, given that these comprise nearly half of all bills printed.

Whether it’s a time and productivity issue, an issue with accurate financial records, malicious employees, counterfeit money, or all four, any business owner would be wise to invest in an electric cash counter, which is basically a machine that counts and organizes either stacks of bills or loose piles of coins.

Below are some of ways your business can benefit from an electric cash counter, or cash recycler.

  • Cash counters take unnecessary pressure and heavy accountability off your staff.
  • While cash and coin counting may seem like a mundane task – one that you definitely would not ask an employee with more seniority and a managerial scope to take on – it is one of the most crucial to get 100% right, with no single cent unaccounted for. Delegating this amount of responsibility to anyone can be stressful, and a mistake can severely damage employer-employee relations regardless of the counter’s intent. Leave the work to a machine that can get the job done in a fraction of the time with 100% accuracy.

  • Today’s currency counter machines come with a counterfeit bill detector.
  • Protect your business from one of the country’s oldest crimes by not relying on your staff’s naked eye to catch fake currency. For one thing, bills and coins have quite the number of security features built-in. One would have to take a minute to fully inspect a single bill. The government releases a new design every 10 years or so, and if a huge cash transaction comes in using $100 bills, you would be lost without an electric cash counter.

  • Coin sorters make it much easier to count and package coins.
  • A good number of customers go through months of just hoarding coins in a jar before they realize they have probably accumulated a small fortune enough to pay for a grocery or convenience store run. Save your staff from these situations by getting a portable cash counter for each till. Read more like this. Check out this website for more.

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