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How Currency Counters Can Help Your Business

checkout counterMany businesses that deal with large volumes of cash look for ways to make counting it easier, faster and more accurate. Money counting machines are the answer for most of them. These machines can count banknotes or coins. They can make deposits by identifying the individual banknotes, so they do more than just count it. This technology was first developed in England in 1980. Rather than look at just individual notes, it can count it all in batches. For businesses who need them, it is pretty easy to find coin counting machines for sale.

Why should my business get a currency counting machine?

  • Currency counter machines save time. Counting any kind of currency is time consuming. Most people are not satisfied to count once, so they count a second time. By contrast a currency sorter machine will get it right the first time. This is one reason there are so many banknote and coin counting machines for sale, the demand for them is high. Their accuracy rates are just so much higher than that for people counting coins and notes.
  • They can handle multiple currencies. For businesses along the border with another country or in places where there are a lot of international business travelers and tourists, having a cash counter can make a big difference. This is another reason there are so many note and coin counting machines for sale, businesses do nit have to worry about dealing with different currencies and training staff to differentiate between them.
  • They can serve as a counterfeit bill detector machine. It can be hard for people to recognize a counterfeit note or coin but a money counter does it automatically. The scanners in the machine can detect the security features in real currency and will stop counting if it finds a counterfeit note. This is preferable to replying on staff to ferret out any counterfeit notes that pass through your business. If you are processing enough currency to consider getting a currency counter, your staff may miss some counterfeit bills. Countries change the security features all the time and it can be a challenge to keep staff properly trained on identifying fake notes.

Looking at coin counting machines for sale, which is the best one for my business?

  • Determine how many coins your business processes. Different machines process change at different rates. If you do not process large volumes of coins, a manual machine may work but if you do, then you need an electric machine than can process more coins at a faster rate. There are counter/sorter machines that can handle 2,600 coins per minute. No person could ever do that.
  • Make sure the coin counter can handle the currencies your business deals with. Some models only handle one currency whereas others have different settings where they can count different currencies.
  • More anti-counterfeiting features. Most coin counting machines for sale can detect fake coins and reject them. It is much easier for the machine, with its scanning technology, to detect fake coins than it is for people to find the fake coins.

The bottom line is these machines are really helpful for any business that processes a lot of cash.

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