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Making the Decision to Sell Your Structured Settlements Is a Financial Win

Cash for structured settlement

Some decisions are easier to make than others. For example, making the decision to sell your structured settlements is an easy decision if you keep the big picture in mind.
Making the decision to sell your structured settlements is a decision to grab your financial security while it is available. If, for instance, you are offered an opportunity to sell your annuity and take a cash pay out, the best financial decision may be to take the money immediately. Cash in hand is a known commodity. Waiting for a structured settlement, however, is an assumption that the money will still be there both today and years from now.
The decision to sell your structured settlements really makes sense if you have any kind of high interest debt. Given that 26% of Americans admit that they do not pay their bills on time, debt is a major problem for American consumers. In fact, the average U.S. Consumer has 3.5 credit cards. As our nation tries to focus on debt reduction, 70% of Americans admit that the stigma around credit card debt is worse than other kinds of debt like home and car payments.
Cash for structured settlement or lottery payments will allow consumers with debt to pay down their obligations.
Are You Looking for Ways to Improve Your Financial Situation?
One of the scariest American consumer statistics is that the average household pays more than $6600 in interest every year. By selling your annuity you could make your way out of the prison of financial debt. A lump sum lottery payment will free you from the chains of debt and allow you to begin leading a new life.

Waiting on slow structured settlement annuity benefits
while at the same time paying high credit card interest makes no sense. The decision to take the money that is yours will pay off in the end.
Some decisions in life are difficult to make. Making the decision to take ownership of money that is yours, however, is easy. Instead of letting a large corporation or financial institution use your money, make the decision to get the money that is yours now.

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